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Debbie, Soul at Home 

We love Karma bracelets. They are beautifully crafted and infused with wonderful energy.  Our clients have responded very positively to them.  


When I wear my bracelet it reminds me of many things, but most importantly it reminds me to remain true to who I am. I bought it for myself as a graduation present after I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training...thank you! 


I love Karma Bracelets - they always inspire me to give gifts with intention.


I want to make sure people know they are not JUST buying a bracelet.  You guys really understand the gems/product you work with and are able to customize for each individual.  You guys buy your own product, make the bracelets yourself, and the meanings.  Can't get much more personal (and amazing) than that.  I love what you do and am so glad you're doing it!  You and Monique have so much passion for what you guys are doing.  I support you, Karma, and what you stand for.  A friend of mine was going through a difficult time. I asked Paulette to make a bracelet for her that embodied Faith, strength, and a new beginning.  Sure enough it was EXACTLY what was needed. She now wears that bracelet when times seem rough, and it hangs on her bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.  I am told that she also uses the meaning of the bracelet that comes with every one of Karma's bracelets as a bookmark in her bible.  She has put out a lot of positive energy, and that energy was given back to her when she needed it the most.  I am a HUGE supporter of Karma and love what they do.  Karma embodies compassion, understanding, and meaning.


Thank you for my onyx and hematite bracelet-I love it! Thank you for customizing to fit my very small wrists.  I wear it almost every day especially when I need some positive vibrations!


I love my bracelet! Not only is it beautiful, but the energy of the rose quartz is very emotionally healing and uplifting. When I wear it, I am reminded to be peaceful, calm and to listen to my heart. Amazing. Thank you so much! 


I recently got both a crystal necklace and a lapis bracelet from Karma. I love how deep blue the lapis is and in addition to the lapis, there are a row of brass colored beads that give the bracelet energy and pizzazz! The necklace has become a staple in my wardrobe. The copper chain mixes well with gold pieces, and the crystal is so clear and pretty. Every time I wear it I feel energized and even more bubbly than usual. You can tell that Karma puts a ton of love and good vibes in to their pieces! Thank you girls! 




My niece absolutely loved the silk wrap bracelet and especially the card that went along with it!!  We had a belated b-day party for her today and she showed both off to all there!!  I knew her younger sister would want one too as soon as she saw it so I'm giving you a heads up.  I'm also thinking of getting one for my sister as well as myself…thanks again - I know you put a lot of thought into it - it was perfect!!