our story


We are two friends who bonded through our oldest children and being first-time moms. As time has gone on, we have both seen our families grow and have shared some great times together, becoming inspirations to each other.  In 2012/ 2013 we both became busy moms of two with a love of yoga, Ayurveda and creating healing inspired gemstone bracelets. Somehow, through our late-night bracelet making (since that’s really the only time we can fully concentrate), and with the support of our family and friends, we formed Karma.

Karma jewelry was created with an intention to promote health and happiness to the wearer. As yoga teachers, we both personally feel it is our mission to inspire people we meet to live their lives in a happier, healthier, and in a more positive way. We feel very fortunate to have found happiness in juggling motherhood and family, teaching yoga, studying Ayurveda and making beautiful healing jewelry that inspires and enhances people’s lives.  We, of course, credit our wonderful husbands for their support and for believing in us. 

Our unique handmade "mala inspired" gemstone bracelets are created with positive energy providing inspiration, motivation, and awareness. Our jewelry signifies self-love, expression and acceptance of what-is and to feel empowered to turn the circumstances around. Our intention was not only to create attractive pieces but to provide the healing benefits gemstones are said to give. Our belief in the healing power of gemstones, helps us to methodically create each piece with the intention of promoting healing and happiness to the wearer.

Karma, means action or deed. Every thought, feeling, and deed forms a habitual karmic seed in our mind that grows into either a positive, negative, or neutral experience. We believe we don’t have to surrender ourselves to “our karma”. We can control our karma. Every moment gives us a chance to improve our way of thinking and our circumstances by our actions. The idea of making healing bracelets to help improve someone’s mood and inspire positive actions, deeds and thoughts, further amplified our desire to create our bracelets. Each piece is created to honor the ability to work from a place of love and celebrate life and to act as a reminder to keep your actions and thoughts positive.

*Both Monique and I believe it is important to give back. It is an important lesson we want our children to learn. A small percentage of our sales goes to a non-profit organization with a mission to help others fulfill their dreams.