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So.. what exactly is druzy? November 07 2014, 0 Comments

Scientifically speaking, druzy is the word used to describe the formation of the quartz crystals that have formed on another rock or mineral. The process begins when ground water containing silica enters a porous area of a rock which then quickly cools causing the crystals to form on the surfaces or cavities of the rock. Often times, the crystals will form on top of other minerals. A common example of druzy formation is seen in geodes. Not always, but sometimes you will crack one open and the entire inside has the texture of sparkly sugar crystals!

Druzy quartz holds many of the same properties as quartz itself but because it forms in clusters its metaphysical properties can affect more than one person and include a group of people. Love and joy are enhanced by this snowy like formation. It can bring harmony to a group generating calm environments. Druzy dispels negative energy and can soothe a stressed mind making room for positive thoughts and energy to take over. Aura out of whack? Just wear or hold a piece of this beautiful group of quartz and it can help stabilize it.

This is one of our favorite additions to our jewelry collection. Its fun, glittery and such a beautiful item to accessorize with! Take a peek at our druzy rings and necklaces if you havent yet!

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We will be adding even more druzy in the near future :-)

What can turquoise do for you? November 04 2014, 0 Comments

Turquoise is a very beautiful gemstone and has been known and used for centuries for its psychic protection and its chakra purification capabilities all while keeping you grounded and at peace. In ancient times Shaman thought so highly of this mineral that they made protective amulets out of it to ward off evil and negative entities.

This popular gemstone helps communicate the truth, wisdom and honesty of even the shyest person. It can help a person speak his or her mind with validity. This is due to the balancing of the throat chakra. Turquoise is also a purification stone that can dispel negative energy which is wonderful for those with depression due to its ability to instill inner calm and stabilize mood swings.

Turquoise has a profound effect on the third eye chakra as well. It has the ability to balance and align the third eye, protecting it from negative psychic attacks and energy. During meditation, this gemstone can quicken ones journey into a deep meditative state. Although it is a highly spiritual stone, you will stay grounded and remain peaceful.

Depending on the color of the stone, turquoise can have varying metaphysical properties and attributes. Take a look at one of our newest turquoise creations here: